丹尼斯·凯利 -校园安全主管
Ben Alexander Student Center Room 134

For 校园安全 Assistance Call 575-399-2033.




世界十大博彩公司网站 Department of 校园安全 welcomes you to 新 Mexico Junior (世界十大博彩公司网站).  的 世界十大博彩公司网站校园安全部门采取全面的方法提供预防 and protective services to the 世界十大博彩公司网站社区. We strive to enhance the quality of 我们的校园生活通过整合最好的现代公共安全实践,私人 security, and fire safety to the 世界十大博彩公司网站 campus.

该部门坚持自己的最高专业标准,让你觉得 安全且受欢迎. We encourage your feedback to help our services evolve with needs 世界十大博彩公司网站社区的成员.

我们鼓励我们的学生,员工,教师和我们的访客与我们合作,以维持 安全的校园环境. We are proud to maintain close partnerships with federal, 州和地方的执法机构,从而有利于整体的安全 世界十大博彩公司网站社区. 的 best protection against campus crime is an aware, informed, alert campus community that involves students, faculty, and staff. 校园部 Safety operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

校园安全部门与学生建立积极的关系至关重要 我们的世界十大博彩公司网站社区,我们每天24小时为您的需求和担忧提供帮助.  


鼓励教师、职员和学生立即报告任何犯罪事件. 任何犯罪活动或紧急情况都可以报告给校园安全人员,或 to the Lea County Sheriff’s Department. Upon receipt of a call, 校园安全 will respond to the site of the complaint. If a criminal act has been committed, the Sheriff’s Office or the State Police will be notified. 的se agencies will prepare and submit 与新墨西哥州大专校园安全部门一起负责犯罪事件报告. 校园安全部门每天24小时都可以打电话,可以联系 directly by cell phone at (575) 399-2033. 的 campus Public Safety office is located 在本·亚历山大学生学习中心,129室(邮件收发室和游戏旁边) 室). 周一,世界十大博彩公司网站也有一个中央总机接线员,电话是(575)392-4510 从早上8点到周五.m. – 5:00 p.m.,不包括假期. 总机是 located in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center. Students and employees of the 鼓励各学院向校园安全部门报告任何可疑活动.



新墨西哥初级学院的学生、教师和员工都可以获得指导, 娱乐和行政大楼,以及校园的公共区域 housing during normal working hours. Facilities are locked after normal working hours, but may be accessed by contacting 校园安全 personnel. 使用后的设施 normal working hours is restricted and requires special advance authorization.

 学生宿舍的房间仅限学生和他们的客人使用 to the 世界十大博彩公司网站 dormitory visitation policy. Access to the resident halls by college employees is on an as-needed basis and incorporates key control procedures.

 的 general public can attend and are encouraged to attend continuing education, 校园内的文化和娱乐活动,限制使用设施 举办活动的场所.


所有教职员工和学生在校园安全方面的合作和参与 是绝对必要的. 的 campus community must assume responsibility for their 自己的人身安全及个人物品的安全采取简单措施, 常识性预防措施. Doors should be 一直锁着, especially when the 占用者不在房间里. All valuable items should be marked with an engraver or the serial number stored in a safe place. Students are encouraged to park their 车辆停在校园宿舍附近的有照明的停车场,并妥善保管 一直锁着. Students should report any suspicious-looking individuals or 学生宿舍内外发生的任何不寻常事件都要向宿舍管理人员报告 安全人员.

 如果校园社区的一名成员成为犯罪的受害者,他/她就会成为犯罪的受害者 she should report the incident as prescribed in the above paragraphs.


新墨西哥专科学校 is a drug / alcohol and firearm-free institution. 拥有 of alcohol, drugs, firearms, or dangerous weapons on campus is prohibited. 任何违反 本节可能导致相应的执法机构得到通知 for the filing of criminal charges.

 为校园社区的成员提供药物和酒精滥用预防 计划手册,其中包含适用于酒精和 药物的使用. Information regarding this subject is also available in the 世界十大博彩公司网站 Student Handbook and can be accessed on the web 页面


〇性侵害 按此报告

世界赌博十大网站提供解决强奸、熟人强奸和强奸的课程 other forcible or non-forcible sex offenses.  Specific programs can be requested through the office of the Vice President for Student 服务. 会议地点和时间 将张贴在学生宿舍的公共公告栏上,并通过 校园邮件.
 大学官员也不会容忍任何形式的性侵犯活动 并将采取一切措施支持刑事起诉 of persons involved in these types of activities.  However, should an incident of sexual assault occur on campus, these procedures should be followed:
  • Immediately notify 校园安全. 校园安全主管 will then notify the proper law enforcement agency. If 校园安全 cannot be reached for any reason, call 911 for immediate response by law enforcement officials. 不要打扰现场 犯罪的原因. Evidence is very fragile and will be collected by trained evidence technicians. Do not change clothing, shower, or bathe following a sexual attack. 有价值的证据 can be collected, and its integrity must be maintained. 校园安全主管 会通知新墨西哥专科学校管理部门的相关成员吗. 世界十大博彩公司网站的管理部门希望维持一个安全的校园环境,并对此感到担忧 about the welfare of all members of the campus community.  世界十大博彩公司网站有一个既定的 policy concerning sexual harassment covering all employees and students. 这一政策 can be found in both the Employee Handbook and the 世界十大博彩公司网站 学生手册. 的手册 概述学生和员工应该遵循的程序,如果他们成为 the victim of a sexual assault or harassment situation.
  •  世界十大博彩公司网站的管理部门将尽一切合理的努力来适应这种变化 in academic or living arrangements, if requested by the victim. 原告和 无论事件是否得到处理,被告都有机会诉诸正当程序 through the court system or through the campus administrative process.  两党 are entitled to have other individuals present during a proceeding. 双方将 be notified of the administration’s final determination and imposed sanctions.
  •  大学社区的一名成员是否应该成为性侵犯的受害者 将利用资源确保受害者立即得到关注, as well as follow-up counseling and assistance.  In Hobbs, counseling can be received 通过利亚县指导中心,920西百老汇,(575)393 -3168,并通过 Covenant Health Hobbs Hospital, 4900 N. Lovington Highway, (575) 492-5000.
  • 看到我们的 资源 and Policy Prevention here.



新墨西哥专科学校 has an emergency notification system. 这个系统包括 the entire campus, including parking areas. 在…的情况下 an actual emergency, a 消息将通过紧急系统发出,该系统为员工,学生, and visitor’s instructions as to the actions that are recommended.  在…的情况下 遇到龙卷风或其他严重事件时,现场也已指定避难地点 在校园里. 的 site maps are posted in the hallways of each building on campus.

世界十大博彩公司网站 has an emergency management plan for critical incidents. 这个计划是为了 突出校园人员和设施的潜在风险或脆弱性. 该计划的目的是使所有可能在期间出席世界十大博彩公司网站的人 an emergency to remain calm and aid them in taking action based on known facts. 新 墨西哥专科学院已承诺确定潜在的建筑和设备 有风险的领域,分析这些风险,消除或最小化这些风险,积极地 计划和准备应对紧急情况,培训应急小组,并做好准备 restoration of vital services plans for an emergency.


世界赌博十大网站与语无伦次地说合作,提供紧急警报系统 能够将信息发送到您的世界十大博彩公司网站电子邮件帐户和个人电子邮件帐户, as well as your land line and cell phone.  We have enrolled you in the program at 你不用花钱. 



根据性犯罪者登记和通知法,所有被定罪的性犯罪者 违法者必须向他们居住的县的治安官登记 每年. 的 information concerning the registered sex offenders for Lea County 可以书面通知警务处或利用 他们的网页


根据1990年的犯罪意识法案,世界赌博十大网站提供 向准学生提供有关罪案统计数字及保安措施的资料; matriculated students, and employees. This information is available on the 世界十大博彩公司网站 web 页面